Brake Brothers

Philip and Patrick Walby

Best Brake Shop
In San Diego in every town and neighborhood, people want to know who the best is. In getting service work done on your vehicle or seeing a dentist, people want to know where to find the best of. The brake brothers, Patrick and Philip Walby managed Brake Depot in such fantastic way, that, the customers voted Brake Depot as the 'Best' brake shop in San Diego. Surveys conducted by the brake brothers demonstrated that Brake Depot had a 99.5% approval ratting. That is very good considering that Patrick Walby and Philip Walby have repaired over 500,000 car brakes.

There are hundreds of businesses doing brake repair in San Diego, "Best Of" has conducted surveys, and a vote by the community as to who is the "Best" brake repair shop. The results of that community vote was Brake Depot. "It was a team effort" Patrick Walby stated, "It was the mechanics and the store management that won this award"