Brake Brothers

Philip and Patrick Walby


Philip and Patrick Walby announced that their company has won the T.E.I.M. (Total Excellence in Management) award for "Best in Retail". The Brake Brothers were recognized for their work in the Brake Depot Franchise creation. The program was designed to honor San Diego County companies that have "dynamic and creative management techniques." Judging was performed by representatives of the San Diego State University School of Entrepreneurial Studies. On-site visits were conducted by members of evaluation teams composed of senior executives from local financial, legal, and management companies.
The T.E.I.M. Award is based on the manner in which a company achieves success in the areas of employee involvement, creation of new products, excellence in customer service, and projects within the community. The award was announced at a sold-out community luncheon.
Patrick and
Philip Walby were especially acknowledged for their innovative management style of organizational leadership, which emphasizes quality repair in automotive retailing.
The annual Total Excellence in Management Award was instituted by
the San Diego Business Journal.
The award was presented by Ken Blanchard, who wrote the "One Minute Manager". . "We are honored with this achievement," said Patrick Walby, one of the Brake Brothers, "as it represents recognition for all of our employees and customers and the way, in which they work together." Brake Depot, a privately held company, reported its best year of revenues last year.